1 Month!

Our lil O is now 1 month old (plus 4 days). We can’t believe it! We are just loving him more and more each day.

Just over a week ago we reached our first milestone…a smile! This wasn’t a “I’ve got wind” type smile, but a response to his mummies being silly! On repeat tries of such silliness we only received a frown, but we were happy with the one smile. Just over a week on we get smiles when we go to pick him up out of his cot, when we blow raspberries on his tummy and when we are just silly mummies. It’s so gorgeous to watch. I think he smiles a lot more with mummy K! She is the fun mum, whereas when he’s with me, he has a one track mind – booby!

Being first time mums there have been many challenges. Trying to get him settled on a number of occasions has taken a lot of patience and persistence. Sometimes I just think he would much rather be awake taking in everything around him than sleeping away the hours. Then just when you get him settled, he has a poo explosion, then the whole cycle starts again!

It took 3 weeks for him to get back past his birth weight. He only lost 100 grams those first few days in the hospital, but then didn’t put much on for the next couple of weeks. I had to express and top-up his feeds for a week to increase my milk supply and in doing so, he put on almost 200 grams in just 4 days. He then put on another 300 grams the following week, so is now doing very well. He is now just over 3.5 kilos, which is still smaller than a lot of new borns, but it’s nice to see a bit of fat on his skinny long legs.

He is a bit of a social butterfly having already attended a wedding at 10 days old, where he was a shining star almost stealing the focus away from the bride and groom. We have another wedding to attend this weekend for which I think he’ll do the same.

Our dog has been adorable with him and even a bit protective of him. She gives him gentle licks on the cheek or feet and stands guard at my feed when I’m feeding him or changing him. She even comes to tell us when he’s awake or when the cat gets too close. The cat is our biggest concern and we’ve had to lock her out of the bedroom at night, much to her dislike and keep a close eye on her during the day so she doesn’t get in the cot.

We have so much love for this little boy and sometimes I still find it hard to believe we created such a beautiful human being. We are loving watching his personality starting to develop and watching him grow (so quickly) everyday. He brings so much joy to our lives and we feel very blessed!

This blog post took many hours, nappy changes, burps, cuddles and more to write! Thank you for your patience! I promise to write more often.


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