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Yesterday I had an appointment with the OB, but of course there was another emergency caesarean so he had to cancel all his appointments. Lucky for me, they booked me in with a midwife who the OB had given instructions to regarding ‘what next’. The midwife, went through the normally checks after telling me she would also being doing an internal sweep (stretch & sweep/membrane sweep), which I think may have stressed me out a little as my blood pressure, which is usually low, was a little raised. K was with me and held my hand as this was being done, however it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, even after the midwife told me some women find it worse than labour. If that’s worse than labour, then labour will be a breeze! At first it was painful, but I just switched on the CalmBirth techniques I’d learnt and it was easy.

Unfortunately Sticky has not engaged still, however my cervix is soft and ready to go. The midwife couldn’t tell if it was dilated as it was right back hiding. I do have a wonky cervix, but was told early on that it shouldn’t be a problem with giving birth as it should move forward. But the midwife seems to think the stretch & sweep probably wouldn’t help much, although I did have a lot of Braxton Hicks all night.

The induction has been booked for Monday afternoon, at which point I’ll be 41 weeks. I need to sit very un-lady like for the next few days and try do all the things possible to get Sticky to move down. Even though its possible to go into labour without the baby being engaged, there is a danger of the cord dropping down apparently, so it’s not the most ideal situation to be in. That being said, I’m hearing lots of stories of women who were never engaged until labour, so I’m not too concerned. I just have to get the hospital quickly if my waters do break. I’ll also be heading in for a number of acupuncture appointments over the weekend to see if we can get it going before Monday.

My parents have been sitting on-hold waiting to jump on a flight from New Zealand, however, my dad has not been well and is booked in to get his heart shocked back into rhythm on Monday. He may not be able to fly and mum can’t leave him. Another stumbling block is we currently have some bad bush fires burning around Sydney, one of which is close to home and has closed the freeway, so there is no getting in or out to where we live. There is a bit of a reprieve today with the weather, but it’s going to get bad again on the weekend. We have both our bush fire survival kit and our hospital bag packed and ready to go at the door!

My induction starts with the Prostaglandin Gel on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday morning, if the gel hasn’t kicked off labour I’ll be moved to the birthing room at 6am and they will rupture my membranes and then give me the oxytocin drip. Hopefully by Tuesday afternoon we’ll have met our Sticky.

I’m not sure why, but K and I really want it to come before the 24th so it’s a Libra…we are a little scared of Scorpios! Silly, I know!

Please send me some ‘labour inducing’ vibes over the next few days!!!


2 thoughts on “Induction booked

  1. HUGE HUGE loves to the three of you. I’ve loved reading about your journey do far and can’t wait to hear about Sticky once s/he makes their way into the world. Xxx
    The next bit is amazing.

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