It’s time Sticky!!!!

So we have now reached 40 weeks and we are still waiting, waiting, waiting! I kinda get the feeling Sticky is quite happy hanging out in my belly. Every night s/he has what feels like one hell of a party in there! Every time I jump from the pain of a very hard punch or kick, K gets all excited thinking I’m having a contraction. I think she is more impatient than I am, which I love!

At my OB appointment last week (39+2 weeks), the OB said Sticky was not yet engaged, which of course sent me into a slight panic. What if my pelvis is unfavourable? What if Sticky won’t fit? What if???? I know that some people’s babies don’t engage until they go into labour, but most engage around 36 weeks, so it makes me think Sticky really doesn’t want to come out. It also means that induction is inevitable. If Sticky doesn’t make an appearance by Thursday this week, I will be booked in for an induction. Either way, Sticky will be here within the week!

Come on Sticky…this world is waiting eagerly for you!!!!


2 thoughts on “It’s time Sticky!!!!

  1. So very excited for you.
    Having baby engaged is over rated. It’s so very uncomfortable( I’ve heard) My 2 wee people engaged only once my waters broke and they were on their way out. The last wee guy a whole 13mins before he arrived. It does also mean they have beautiful round heads for the very start. Not that that necessary but nice for the photos
    Hope you are enjoying the last moments of pregnany and taking lots of bump photos.
    good luck girls

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